Thank you Lovett Owls Volunteers 2021-2022


Huge props to our amazing sponsorship team Scott Rose and Arienne Brint

who've already raised over $20,000 this year for our organization!


We are so grateful to the Bellaire baseball team and some of our amazing Lovett dads for helping to demolish the old deck on campus this weekend!  (December 4, 2021)




Special thanks to Nurse Suiki for coordinating and Lovett Dads Kurt Dawson, Bryan Young, Kenneth Miley, Sean Sachtleben, Scott Rose, and Seann Duffin for their labor and help!




Lorena Silvestri, Michelle Merriweather, Megan


       Thank You Martha Davis, Maia Miley, Seema Dawson, Aiesha Moore,  

and Sarita Dillard for coming out to help & deliver the air purifiers to all Classrooms!


September 2021



Thank you Stephanie Trammel, Leta Iles, Aiesha Moore, Maia Miley, Seann Duffin, Seema Dawson & Sarita Dillard for a Great Kinder Playdate!


August 2021






Thank you Dad's Club: Kurt Dawson, Owen Davis, Adam Miller, Bryan Young, Scott Rose, Kent Miley, Brian Witt, for all your hard work on placing the Mulch inside the school playground & cleaning the entire playground!


August 21, 2021





School Year  2020-2021