Thank you Lovett Owls Volunteers 2021-2022


       Thank You Martha Davis, Maia Miley, Seema Dawson, Aiesha Moore,  

and Sarita Dillard for coming out to help & deliver the air purifiers to all Classrooms!


September 2021



Thank you Stephanie Trammel, Leta Iles, Aiesha Moore, Maia Miley, Seann Duffin, Seema Dawson & Sarita Dillard for a Great Kinder Playdate!


August 2021






Thank you Dad's Club: Kurt Dawson, Owen Davis, Adam Miller, Bryan Young, Scott Rose, Kent Miley, Brian Witt, for all your hard work on placing the Mulch inside the school playground & cleaning the entire playground!


August 21, 2021





School Year  2020-2021