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Originally delivered on 9/17/2023 6:00 pm

SUBJECT: The Lovett Letter - September 17, 2023

September 17, 2023
Notes From the Counselor

Calming Strategies/Breathing Exercises

  • Ask your child(ren) to pretend to smell a flower
  • Blow soap bubbles 
  • Blow a pinwheel 
  • Place pieces of cotton on a flat surface and blow on them to move them along
  • Deep breathing while someone counts to 10 
  • Go for a mindfulness walk 
  • Create gratitude rocks 
  • Meditation 
  • Squeeze a stress ball 
  • Hug tight a soft toy 
  • Hug your knees 
  • Name 5 things you can SEE in the room, name 4 things you can FEEL, name 3 things you can HEAR, name 2 things you can SMELL, name 1 thing you an TASTE
Student Council Interest Meeting

September 18th at 3:00 pm

Lovett's Student Council will hold its first meeting of the year on Monday, September 18 from 3-4 p.m. in the cafeteria. Student Council is open to any 3rd - 5th grader who is interested. All meetings this year will be held on Mondays once a month from 3-4 p.m. More information will be given to students at the meeting. Please pick up your student at 4 p.m. in the Birdwood loop. If your child stays for Extended Day, they will be dismissed to return to their group. 

If you have any questions about the Lovett Student Council, please email one of the sponsors. 

Mrs. Benton 

Mrs. Kraitman 

Mrs. Prince 

Ms. Pinkney

Spelling Bee

Interested in the 23-24 Lovett Spelling Bee? (1st-5th grade) 

Join me for the informational meeting held (on Teams) on Monday, September 18th at 6:30 pm. 

September 18th at 6:30 pm

Click HERE to join the Teams Meeting

University Interscholastic League

The purposes of the University Interscholastic League Academic contests are to motivate students through comprehensive competitions, challenge students to think critically and provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of essential knowledge and skills. To find out more, join our informational meeting on Monday, September 18th at 7:00 pm on Teams. UIL is open to 2nd-5th grade students (1st grade in special circumstances). 

September 18th at 7:00 pm

Click HERE to join the Teams Meeting

Love it at Lovett Fall Fundraiser - Competition Time!

Grade Level Competition the week of September 18-22nd!

The grade level with the highest participation (that means participation percentage not total dollars!) will earn EXTRA RECESS time the week of September 25th!

All past donations count towards your grade level's total. 

Tell friends and family too as their donations (with your student(s) name attached) will go toward your student(s) for incentives also. Every penny counts!

Thank you for your supports so far!  We've raised over $16,000!

Current grade level participation:


Or scan this QR Code to Zelle directly to Lovett PTO

Want to know where your donations go? 

Over the last 2 years the generous PTO donations have allowed every classroom to receive a new Clevertouch Smartboard!  

This summer the PTO funds help remodel the Lovett Teachers Lounge with brand new cabinets and a new ice and water machine! See below for before and after pictures!

These things would not be possible without the help of the PTO and all of the Lovett families who support our school and community!

Lovett Committee Chairs & Volunteers

Thank you so much to everyone that has volunteered to lead or help with an event so far!  Please see below for events that are still in need of Leads or Volunteers.

Click Here to Sign Up
Bellaire Belles Dance Clinic

Join the Bellaire Belles for dance clinic on October 7th!  

Make sure to reference Elisa Adams, Lovett Elementary Alum!


Online Resources

Room Parent

  • Contact your child's homeroom teacher if you are interested in being a room parent.


  • Download the ClassDojo App to receive information from your students' teachers.

VIPS Certification

Sign Up for Moms and Dads Clubs!


  • Extended day started the second day of school. Your child must be registered to attend. Please see registration link below. If you have questions about extended day, please contact Mrs. Sims.           
  • Extended Day Registration


  • Students that walk home will need to have an Independent Walker Permission Slip on file in the main office. An independent walker is a student that walks to the park to meet parents, walks home or walks to a designated location to meet parents. Walkers will continue to be dismissed from the side gate that leads into the park and will be dismissed at 3:00 with all other students. Students that do not have a permission slip on file, will not be lined up with the walker group for their grade level. A parent will be contacted to confirm how the child is to get home. Please consider if your child is able to handle the responsibility of walking home or to a designated location. The permission slip is linked below. Forms must be on file for the first day of school. 
  • Independent Walker Form

PTO Meeting Dates - Mark Your Calendar

  • October 11 - Virtual 6:45 pm
  • November 8 - Lovett cafeteria 8:00 am
  • December 13 - Virtual 6:45 pm
  • January 10 - Lovett cafeteria 8:00 am
  • February 7 - Virtual 6:45 pm
  • March 6 - Lovett cafeteria 8:00 am
  • April 3 - Virtual 6:45 pm
  • May 8 - Lovett cafeteria 8:00 am
PTO Meeting Recap

The PTO held its first meeting of the school year on September 13.  Members adopted the 2023-2024 PTO budget. 

Updates from School Administration:

  • Student Assistance Forms (SAF) can be found on the Lovett website and can be used to request wraparound services from Ms. Prince or counseling services from Ms. Pinkney.
  • In-class developments this year include adoption of the Eureka Math curriculum, increased focus on student engagement, and continuation of the Leader in Me program. 
  • Updates to the HISD attendance and promotion policy are forthcoming. Parents should be more mindful of absences this year, whether excused or unexcused.  Tardies begin at 7:40 a.m.
  • For issues or concerns with students, the first point of contact for parents should be the child's classroom teacher.
  • Picture day is expected in early November.  
  • Grandparents day is expected to be in conjunction with the Thanksgiving Lunch.

Updates from PTO:

  • PTO completed purchase of smartboards for all classrooms throughout school and updates to the teachers lounge.
  • Volunteers are still needed to Chair PTO events, including the fall festival and annual auction.
  • Love It At Lovett Fundraiser contributions can be made through the PTO website or Zelle.
  • Corporate Sponsors are still welcome.  This year there is an open opportunity for a local realtor sponsor.
  • 2023 Budget includes plans to begin funding an annual 5th Grade trip as well as capital improvements such a new composite decking on the bridge and field, and erosion control.
2023 Calendar
Monday, September 25
Fall Holiday / No School
Friday, October 6
Report Card - 1
Wednesday, October 11
6:45p PTO General Mtg. / Virtual
Friday, October 13
Staff PD / No Students
Friday, October 20
Movie Night
Saturday, November 4
11:00a Fall Festival
Wednesday, November 8
8:00a PTO General Mtg.
Friday, November 10
Staff PD / No Students
Monday, November 13
Fall Book Fair
Tuesday, November 14
Fall Book Fair
Wednesday, November 15
Fall Book Fair
Thursday, November 16
Fall Book Fair
Friday, November 17
Fall Book Fair
Report Card - 2
Monday, November 20
Thanksgiving Break
Tuesday, November 21
Thanksgiving Break
Wednesday, November 22
Thanksgiving Break
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