What is the Moms Club?  




An opportunity to build friendships and socialize with other Lovett moms. 




Creating a network of women that support and mentor each other. 




Giving back to our community by engaging and supporting our Lovett families. 




We are planning a variety of activities that can include but not limited to the ones below. If you have an idea that you would like to share please reach out! 


Social activities: coffees, happy hours, dinners

Wellness: yoga, meditation, nutrition 

Supporting Lovett: helping keep our school grounds beautiful, a family in need

Learning Opportunities: financial planning, cooking 


What is a mom?


Any female that is a mom, care giver or guardian to a Lovett Elementary student. 



For additional information please contact one of our co-chairs. 


Leta Iles 

Janaile Villarreal

Divina Timme