2022-2023 Leadership Slate 



PTO Board 2021-2022



President: Seann Duffin, president@lovettpto.org

  • Supervises all of the activities and affairs of the PTO
  • Presides at meetings
  • Prepares written agendas for meetings
  • Executes bonds, deeds, and contracts in the name of the PTO
  • Can approve expenditures on the non-budgeted items up to $200
  • Communicates with school administration

Treasurer: Martha Davis, treasurer@lovettpto.org

  • Responsible for all matters pertaining to the accounts and finances of the PTO
  • Keeps accurate records of all deposits, receipts, disbursements, and contributions
  • Presents a financial statement at each PTO meeting

Treasurer Assistant: 

  • Assists the treasurer is all matters pertaining to the treasurer role
  • Is in training to be able to become the treasurer for the following year.

Secretary: Suzanne McAndrew, secretary@lovettpto.org

  • Prepares written notices and sets up for meetings
  • keeps records including minutes of all meetings and board meetings
  • Keeps on-line calendar up to date
  • Sends out PTO leadership Year End Survey
  • Coordinates with Communications and Technology chairs to communicate to membership important messages 

VP of Fundraising 1: Becky Moreau, fundraising@lovettpto.org 

VP of Fundraising 2: Sarita Dillard, fundraising@lovettpto.org 

  • Oversees all fundraising activities (each activity has a chair) over the course of the year including: Auction, Carnival, Book Fair, Fun Run, School Store, Lovett Campaign


VP of Community Relations: Seema Dawson, community.relations@lovettpto.org 

  • Oversees all community activities (many of which have chairs) over the course of the year including Dads’ Club, Sporting Events, Restaurant Nights, Membership Drive, Volunteer Coordination, Movie Night, etc.


VP School Relations: Annemarie Cruz, school.relations@lovettpto.org

  • Must be a current Lovett teacher
  • Facilitates communications between the PTO and the Lovett staff
  • Oversees activities including Room Parent Chairs, Magnet Chair, 5th Grade Events, Yearbook, Faculty Appreciation, Indoor/Outdoor Beautification, etc.