Lovett Elementary Treasurer Forms


For Admins, Teachers & Parent Volunteers Purchase & Approval Form: (Rewards/Treasure Box/Popsicle Party/Other Party Form/3R's/Other items by admin.):


Purchase Request Form. Form link

Please use this form to submit a request for the purchase of popsicles, treasure box items, anything else party/reward related. Please submit your form with at least 4 days in advance. 


Approval of Funds (to be Reimbursed) for Party Form (example: Multiplication Ice Cream Party) Form link

Please email this form to the President and treasurer at,


For Chair/Committee/Volunteer Expense Reimbursement Forms:


Reimbursement Request Form. Form link

Please use this fillable online form to request for reimbursement for an expense along with receipts. You will receive an email from the treasurer when the reimbursement has been made.


Invoice Payment Request Form. Form link

Please submit this form along with the invoice to for treasurer to pay invoice. Once the payment has been mailed, or paid online, you will receive an email from the treasurer.



For Chair/Committee/Volunteer Event Planning Forms:


Event Planning form (prior to your event). Form link

Fill this form for Board Approval and to start paying vendors.And save a copy in your Chair binder. Email it to and copy the treasurer at for payments to be made.


Event Feedback Form (after your event). Form link

Please fill out this form right after your event. And save a copy in your Chair binder. Email it to 


Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificate Form. Form link

Take this form with you to make purchases to avoid paying sales tax. The treasurer will not reimburse sales tax.


W9 (Send this form to the vendor to fill it out). Form link

This form is REQUIRED for all individual entities we pay in excess of $600, during the fiscal year (not Corporations: Costco). Please send the W-9 for to your vendor to fill out so we can report the expense amount to the IRS.


Cash Box Request Form. Form link

If you need a cash box for your event, please print, fill out, and sign cash received. The treasurer will get it to you. Email request to




General Tax Forms:


FEDERAL TAX-EXEMPT LETTER As a 501(c)(3) Organization. Form link

The Lovett Elementary PTO is exempt from paying income tax. In addition, those donating money to the PTO can claim their payment (less good or services received) as a charitable contribution on their tax return. The Tax-Exempt Letter can be shown to donors that we are a legitimate 501(c)(3) as designated by the IRS.


Texas Sales and Use Tax Letter. Form link

Lovett Elementary PTO is exempt form sales and use tax in Texas. 


W9 (when requested for donations). Form Link

You can sign the form if you are a US Citizen or Resident. Otherwise please contact the Lovett Elementary PTO Treasurer at to sign the form to send to requestee.


Treasurer reimbursement Form:

If the treasurer is in need of reimbursement. Please use this form. Form link



Please email the, if you need help, have questions, run into problems.